What is going on with Mitt Romney? It seems his only claim to fame now is being a thorn in President Trump’s side. Romney said the tariffs Trump proposed on Mexico are a bad idea. Romney wouldn’t have done that. But guess what Mexico just did? Also, Glacier National Park was forced to change some of their park signs, because the signs indicated glaciers would disappear by 2020, and… they’re still here. Plus, the jury returned a verdict in the Gibson’s Bakery case.

Mitt Romney tried to get some media attention by blasting President Trump for proposed tariffs on Mexico unless the country helped stem the flood of illegal immigrants crossing at the southern border. Romney thought it was a bad idea and wouldn’t work. Then, this past Friday, Trump announced that Mexico agreed to the demands. Not only was Romney wrong, but he showed that his number one concern is being on the opposite side of Trump.

Also, for years Glacier National Park displayed signs indicating that the glaciers would be gone by 2020 because climate change. Guess what’s gone? The signs have disappeared, because the glaciers are still here. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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