A leftwing political action committee is under fire for running ads focusing on a regretful Trump voter. One problem: the alleged voter didn’t actually vote at all in the last election. An armed citizen saves the day in Texas, and a British publication highlights a man who gave birth thanks to a female sperm donor. All that and more on today’s show!

There are crazy stories, and then there are CRAZY stories. Leftwing publications have jumped on the transgender bandwagon in a big way, so much so that all common sense has gone out the window. In one story, the publication actually claims that a man gave birth, and he did so with help from a female sperm donor.

The church shooting outside of Fort Worth, Texas shows the importance of the Second Amendment. It also shows what can be done when an armed citizen is allowed to defend himself or herself with a firearm. Lives can be saved!

President Trump actually received some praise from a member of the media this weekend. Major Garrett, speaking on CBS News’ Face the Nation, touted the president’s accomplishments in the black community. Now, if only others would take notice as well, that would be a major step forward for President Trump.

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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