Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped up to defend her generation this week with an epic rant, saying that millennials are the most informed, most courageous generation of all. The leftwing media refuse to report on the controversy involving Ilhan Omar. The Democrat Party has determined the ten candidates who will participate in the next debate, and a man prepares to run in Division 1 women’s track.

Instagram is a happy place for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s a place where she is unchallenged by the media or any political opponent. She doesn’t have to debate. Instead, she can say whatever she wants, and the result is almost always wrong.

This time Ocasio-Cortez defended her millennial generation and said it was the best ever. She also comment on “lots of diseases” that are frozen in glaciers.

The controversy surrounding Ilhan Omar continues, but the media won’t cover it. None of the major networks are concerned that a leftwing political figure may have violated campaign finance laws to support her affair.

The Democrats have decided on the ten candidates who will be on stage for the September debate, and not everyone is happy about it. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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Plus, a guy who used to run Division 1 men’s track will now be competing against women in his senior year.

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