A public policy analyst believes Joe Biden is demonstrating more and more every day he is unfit to be President of the United States.

Biden’s history of verbal blunders confirms his reputation as a “gaff machine.” He even admitted so before becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

But in recent days, even Democrats and liberal media outlets are beginning to admit he has serious cognitive problems and could be a serious liability to Democrats in the midterms. One of the more recent examples was when Biden sought out deceased Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski during remarks at a hunger conference. The danger of Biden’s gaffs provoked radio host and Townhall columnist Derek Hunter to suggest recently that Democrats “at least look into” invoking the 25th Amendment – “even if only privately.”

Jameson Taylor, director of policy and legislative affairs at AFA Action, says Biden clearly “does not know what he’s doing” and is no longer mentally fit to be president.

“[According to a poll this week] 64% of American voters … are concerned about Biden’s mental competence – and this includes 52% of Democrat voters,” he says, pointing out the latter reflects a 13-point jump since August. “[Now more than half] of Democrat voters are worried that the president is not fit to rule.”

In the I&I/TIPP Poll cited, only one demographic didn’t reach a majority that was concerned about Biden’s mental health: “self-described liberals” came in at 45%, up 13 points from just two months ago.

Taylor argues it’s also clear Biden is not really in charge.

“The Democrats … pretended that Biden was a moderate and they made a deal behind closed doors that Hey, let’s just put Biden up there as a figurehead, but we are going to let the most radical people run the country behind the scenes. And that is exactly what is happening,” the policy analyst laments.

Taylor says any hope of halting the Democrats’ radical agenda rests with Republicans getting to the polls next month (Tuesday, November 8) and flipping both the House and the Senate.

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