Trump-hating evangelicals who supported Joe Biden’s presidential campaign say they feel betrayed by the Democrat president but a fellow evangelical says their blind foolishness is harming us all.

The issue that upset and disappointed Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden is buried in the 600-page COVID-19 relief bill, where the Democratic Party directly calls for repeal of the pro-life Hyde Amendment.

The federal law bars federal funds for being used for abortions and thus it has been a hated target of abortion supporters for years.

In a statement posted on the group’s website, the evangelical leaders state they “feel used and betrayed” by President Biden, The Christian Post reported last week.

The group states elsewhere that President Biden and fellow Democrats need to “honor” the courage of evangelicals and Catholics who supported Biden’s bid for the White House over Donald Trump.

Farther down in its statement, the evangelical group seemed to assume the abortion-supporting Democratic Party — after winning the White House — cares where the group stands. If some Democrats refuse to push for support of the Hyde Amendment, “it will raise the question of whether or not we are still welcome in the Democratic Party.”

Those same Biden supporters, however, witnessed Joe Biden flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment in 2019, when he was polling ahead of other candidates during the Democratic primary.

NPR among other outlets reported at the time that Biden had reaffirmed his support for the Hyde Amendment just days earlier only to announce he changed his stance.

“They can’t say they weren’t warned,” Tony Perkins, who leads the Family Research Council, states in a blistering commentary about the group. “Everyone in America knew where Joe Biden stood on abortion — because he told them.”

Reacting to the group’s statement, Christian apologist Alex McFarland says clear-thinking Evangelicals warned fellow “Never Trumpers” that a future Biden administration would destroy what President Trump had accomplished.

“They said, I just don’t like Trump. He’s so rude, he’s so abrasive. Sure, he is,” McFarland allows. “So would you rather have an abrasive man that’s a moral constitutionalist or would you rather have a polite, gregarious devil?”


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