Nancy Pelosi pushes forward a non-impeachment impeachment resolution. Millennials are just loving socialism and communism. Democrat Charles Schumer wants taxpayers to pick up the tab for getting rid of all gasoline-powered vehicles, and the left is going all out to remove the fun from Halloween. All that and more on today’s show!

Nancy Pelosi is being pushed by the energetic left to impeach President Trump. She came a step closer by supporting a resolution that outlines some of the steps committees will take while investigating the president. However, it does not actually call for impeachment proceedings… just more investigations. What is she trying to do?

Millennials are embracing socialism and communism even more. A staggering percentage in a recent survey said they would vote for a socialist, and some wish the Soviet Union were still around. What is happening to this generation?

Halloween is on Thursday, and more and more schools are trying to stamp out the holiday… all in the name of inclusiveness. It’s so typical of the left to eliminate costumes and parties and fun all in the name of diversity.

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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