I can’t believe it! CNN actually admits that Barack Obama caged children first! Just like Donald Trump. Of course, it’s the media, so there’s a catch. Also, you thought Bernie Sanders’ socialism was bad? Take a look at what “Spartacus” Democrat Cory Booker has in mind. Free money… for doing absolutely nothing! Plus, more indictments are handed out in the college admissions scandal. Who’s pleading guilty, and who’s still fighting?

President Trump can’t catch a break when it comes to the border and what to do with the children of parents who knowingly jump the border illegally. Barack Obama separated children, but the media gave him a pass. Now, they are actually admitting that Obama also put “children in cages.” Of course, CNN spins this action in a way that makes Obama look good and just and moral. Give me a break!

Also, do you want money for nothing? That’s what Democrat Cory Booker is proposing. He wants to start giving people money from the moment they are born. Imagine turning eighteen and having $46,000 in your bank account! Check out today’s show for all the details.

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