Even though I’ve been at this business for a while, it still amazes me what the Democrats say. The debt is out of control… spending is going crazy… and our taxes are about to go up. When asked how long it will take to turn the economy around, Obama’s spokesman said, “An enormous amount of time.” Hello! We’ve seen what’s happened in less than two years. Do you want to give Obama an “enormous amount of time?”

Check out this exchange at Wednesday’s White House press briefing:

How does he do that with a straight face?

Given an “enormous amount of time,” what do you really think Obama and his team would do? Do you think they’d lower your taxes? Do you think they’d move more control out of Washington and back to the states? Do you think they’d start being patriotic instead of bashing America at every turn? Raise your hand if you want to give them an “enormous amount of time.”

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