The more Barack Obama talks, the more is revealed about his attitudes toward America, capitalism, free enterprise, and the American dream. Under Obama, if you strive to do well, your reward is to pay for the massive cost of government. You cannot create new jobs, because Obama needs your money to feed his government machine. You cannot run your business as you see fit, because Obama is taking control of industry after industry.

Under Obama’s tax plan, not even small business will benefit, unless people do things “his” way. And yet with all his efforts, the country is going downhill with high unemployment, soon to be higher taxes, and spiraling debt. People are worn out with his plans. Even during his staged, media-friendly “townhall” meeting, one of his supporters said she was “exhausted” for having to defend him so much. Well… Mr. Obama…. if one of your strongest supporters is fed up, I think that might be a clue as to the mood of the rest of the country.

Obama was supposedly in friendly territory on Monday. He assembled a group of supposedly “middle-class” Americans for one of his media-sponsored, townhall meetings. This time, CNBC provided an hour of commercial-free air time so that Obama could take questions from the audience about the economy. I’m sure during the course of the one act play, Obama didn’t expect this:

On the one hand, the clip brought a smile to my face. Anytime Obama does that little shift in his chair and puts on that big, fake smile, it means 1) he was taken by surprise, and 2) he didn’t like the surprise. In that brief exchange, we can instantly see why Obama is in trouble. The economy stinks, and he is trying every socialist tactic in order to “fix” things, rather than relying on the strength and will of the American people.

On a deeper level, the clip also reminds me of what is so wrong with this country. People like the lady in the video are turning to government for answers. They want something. They want government to give them something. If this lady has kids in private school and is an executive, then surely she understands that the economy goes up and down, right? Surely she knows that when it does go down, there will certainly be belt-tightening that is needed. But it will go back up… that is… unless the people in Washington continue to try to fix it!

Here’s what exhausts me… Obama has such a disdain for the American way of life, and he is going out of his way to change it. This is a center, right country. We are not a European country. We are not Russia. Most people want government to stay out of the way. During the townhall meeting, Obama said the country “can’t give $700 billion away to some of America’s wealthiest people.”

Can’t give away the money? That statement sums up Obama. I encourage everyone to pass this along to their friends so they can really understand what’s going on.

Obama is talking about the Bush tax cuts that are about to expire. In other words, unless action is taken, everyone is about to get a huge tax increase. Taxes will go up! Obama thinks that’s ok for small business owners and those who create jobs. Does anyone think that more jobs will be created if the taxes for job creators go up? But instead, Obama phrases it as if Republicans are asking for a tax cut “for the wealthy.” Hello! Taxes were already cut under President Bush. Obama wants to RAISE TAXES.

In addition, Obama thinks it’s the government’s money to give away. Government functions because people pay THEIR money to it. Obama has it completely backwards. Obama also doesn’t understand basic math. No one is asking the government to “give away” anything. No one is pushing for additional tax cuts right now. We simply want the levels to stay the same. I wonder if he even knows what he’s saying anymore.

So… yes… I’m exhausted too. I’m exhausted in dealing with a man who wants to “transform” America because he didn’t like the way it was. I’m exhausted in having liberals running the country who sink us into a hole of trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars, and then claim to care about the budget when it comes time to renew the tax rates. As long as they call the shots, they are happy. Well, it’s our country, not theirs …. and we are taking it back.

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