One would think that our founding documents such as the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers would be considered historical treasures. They should be taught and appreciated in schools so that our children grow up with the proper sense of patriotism for this great country. One would think. However, as one Arizona grandmother found out, the Constitution is not considered a historical document, but rather, a piece of political propaganda.

As we all know, political materials are not allowed near election polling places. But what is considered political material? If you are wearing a shirt that reads, “Vote for Joe Smith,” I’m sure most people would consider that to be political material. But what about a shirt that supports the Constitution? Apparently, that’s a trickier question.

In a story on, we learn that Diane Wickberg, a 55-year-old grandmother from Flagstaff was initially denied the right to vote in a May 18th election, because she wore a shirt reading, “We the People – Reclaiming our Constitution.” According to the report, she either had to change shirts or cover it up in order to cast her ballot.

In addition to the slogan, the t-shirt depicted the American flag and the Constitution? Do you call that controversial? Is that political propaganda?

Wickberg is a Tea Party activist, and according to Coconino County Recorder Candace Owens, the shirt represents a political statement. Now, Wickberg is making her own political statement by suing Owens.

“I’m not just standing up for conservative values. What if someone was to wear a shirt with a union logo on it or a shirt from the Sierra Club?” she said. “If somebody has on a red T-shirt, are they going to say you are a Republican and can’t vote? It’s ridiculous and absurd.”

What’s next? Banning a shirt that reads, “I pledge allegiance?” Oh wait… the Pledge is already under attack. How about flying theplay live casino American flag? Hmmm… some businesses and organizations are saying “No” to that was well.

If the Constitution is now a political football, then I want in the game. It’s time to get this great country back to normal, and stop the insanity!

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