The attack against the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya which resulted in the murder of four Americans is one of the great failures of leadership in American history. And yet, because it’s the Barack Obama administration, the media are willing to give everyone a pass. Just listen to some of the insane information that has come out during the congressional hearings.

The Weekly Standard put together a collection of videos from the testimony. It actually sounds like a collection of junior high student council representatives rather than supposed leaders of the United States.

In the first video, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta reveals that neither he nor the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, had any contact with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the prolonged attack.

In the next clip, Dempsey reveals his surprise that Sec. Clinton would have no knowledge of a cable sent by U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens warning of the danger in Libya.

See the pattern? No one seems to know what’s going on. And yet, for weeks after the attack, the entire Obama administration was adamant that these murders were the direct result of a spontaneous uprising to an anti-Muslim Internet video. We know that story is not true and that the administration had evidence as the attack was occurring that it was a planned attack. But we are still no closer to holding people accountable.

In this next clip, Sen. Lindsey Graham gets to the heart of the failure (not the cover up) when he asks if ANY military personnel or aircraft was deployed to help those Americans who were under attack. It takes a while for Graham to get an answer, but eventually he does. No. Not a single asset was deployed to help rescue these people during the attack.

That video is shocking when one realizes that for eight hours, Americans were under siege, and no one was sent to their rescue. Not one person.

But there’s more. In this clip, we learn of the complete and total failure of Barack Obama to be involved in the situation.

If it takes you watching that video several times, please do so, because what it reveals is shocking. As Sen. Ayotte’s questioning reveals, even after Obama was notified the Ambassador Stevens had been killed, Obama made NO follow-up inquiries about the situation that entire evening. He didn’t ask for status. He didn’t ask about a rescue. He didn’t ask about assets in the area. Nothing!

Here’s what the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol wrote about that night regarding Barack Obama:

“While Americans were under assault in Benghazi, the president found time for a non-urgent, politically useful, hour-long call to Prime Minister Netanyahu. And his senior national security staff had to find time to arrange the call, brief the president for the call, monitor it, and provide an immediate read-out to the media. I suspect Prime Minister Netanyahu, of all people, would have understood the need to postpone or shorten the phone call if he were told that Americans were under attack as the president chatted. But for President Obama, a politically useful telephone call—and the ability to have his aides rush out and tell the media about that phone call—came first.”

This was a failure of leadership from the very top, and yet no one seems to care. The president of the United States, while Americans were under attack, was not engaged in the situation at all. And this man was then reelected?

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