So Ilhan Omar says that America is supporting a coup, and she is siding with the socialist government in Venezuela. What??? But you want to talk about a coup? The New York Times now admits that Barack Obama spied on the Trump campaign. William Barr says he’s going to look into it. We’ll look at all the details, plus some crazy things going on in education and our first “BE a Champion” profile.

Who does Ilhan Omar represent? Is it America? It doesn’t look like it from her recent comments. She talks about a coup, but the real coup is being attempted right now in the United States. The New York Times admits that Barack Obama was spying on the Trump campaign, and our new attorney general is going to investigate!

Plus, look at what is going on with education in Minnesota. Elementary school children are being exposed to materials that are beyond inappropriate. And today, we present our first “BE a Champion” profile. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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