A Black Lives Matter leader has threatened ‘riots’ and ‘bloodshed’ in the streets of New York City if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reinstates the NYPD’s anti-crime units – a vow Adams later doubled down on the following day.

The comments came from New York BLM co-founder Hawk Newsome after debating Adams during a contentious closed-door sit-down event Wednesday with the incoming Democrat leader.

While Adams was able to make headway with the activists on his plans to fight poverty in the black community when he takes office, the former NYPD captain vowed to bring back the controversial anti-crime units composed of about 600 plainclothes officers that target violent crimes – something BLM was angry about.
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Won’t back down: Adams vows return of NYPD gun unit after BLM ‘bloodshed’ threat

Message to BLM: Eric Adams isn’t backing down on his plan to reduce crime — and vowed Thursday that the Big Apple won’t become “a city of riots.”

The mayor-elect doubled down on his campaign promise to resume using plainclothes cops to fight gun violence one day after New York Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome threatened “riots,” “fire” and “bloodshed” following a heated meeting with Adams at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

“I made it clear on the campaign trail: I’m going to put in place not the Anti-Crime Unit, I’m going to put in place a plainclothes gun unit,” he said during a morning appearance on CNN.
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