Seven years ago he was making presidential speeches before massive crowds. Now Sen. Mitt Romney, Utah Republican and former White House hopeful, has been making waves in his own party instead. He is openly critical of President Trump in personal statements, in a damning op-ed for The Washington Post before he even took office, and Twitter of course — prompting some analysts to wonder whether Mr. Romney was again striking a presidential posture.

Well, that’s a thought. Mr. Romney has maintained an active campaign website ever since he lost the 2012 presidential election to President Obama. His campaign did develop a site in the event of Mr. Romney’s victory that year. “Smaller, simpler, smarter. Believe in America,” the official motto read at the “Office of the President-Elect.” The site was deactivated.

So. Is Mr. Romney ready to try a presidential run? Some question the possibility.

“According to people close to Romney, he’s firmly decided against primarying Trump, an enterprise he believes to be a sure loser given Trump’s enduring GOP support. Romney has also told people that, as an unsuccessful two-time presidential candidate, he’s the wrong person to take on Trump,” writes Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman. “Instead, a Romney adviser told me that Romney believes he has more potential power as a senator who will decide Trump’s fate in an impeachment trial.”

There are some noble frills.

“He could have tremendous influence in the impeachment process as the lone voice of conscience in the Republican caucus,” the adviser told Mr. Sherman.

Meanwhile, Mr. Romney has been busy behind the scenes, privately reaching out to key players in what Mr. Sherman deems the “Republican resistance.” Those key players certainly involve his GOP peers.

“Romney is the one guy who could bring along Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Ben Sasse. Romney is the pressure point in the impeachment process. That’s why the things he’s saying are freaking Republicans out,” a source who has been briefed on this matter told Mr. Sherman.


“A new IBD-TIPP poll shows President Trump has gained significant ground with independent voters in head-to-head matchups with the Democrat Party front-runners for president,” writes Matt Margolis, a contributor to PJ Media.

He cites a few of the factors. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, for instance, leads Trump by just on percentage point among independents, down from Mr. Biden’s 18-point lead in September. Against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 49% of independents backed Mr. Trump, 43% favored the Massachusetts Democrat. Against Sen. Bernard Sanders, Mr. Trump drew 48% support from independents, Mr. Sanders 44%, down from a previous 9-point lead.

“What caused such a dramatic swing in Trump’s favor with independents? Is it a coincidence that this poll was conducted after Nancy Pelosi formally launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump? Not to me,” comments Mr. Margolis. “Impeachment is not exactly popular amongst voters, and only a minority of independents support it. Many on the right have warned Democrats that impeachment fever will only benefit Trump in the long run — and they appear to be proven right by this poll.”


A longtime conservative leader agrees with many analysts that the Democrats are more or less in a panic over the 2020 election.

“The Democrats did connect with voters on health care and other issues which Republicans fell back on. They had their opportunity to show the American people what there agenda was. And do you know what their agenda is now? It is to do nothing to but conduct a fishing expedition to find any scandal they can on Donald Trump,” American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp tells Fox News.

“They are transfixed with this idea that if they don’t bring President Trump down with fake and phony scandals, that they won’t win. They know if they don’t win, Donald Trump will transform this country. Why? Because we then will have eight years of Trump being ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ to the deep state and the swamp — and also to the way we have done things in the past 30 years, which has ossified, and caused so much pain to the people around this nation. We need this change. And we need four more years of it,” Mr. Schlapp told the network.


Former Trump-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who is considering a Senate run in New Hampshire, led a sizable group of the state’s Republicans to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s office in the Manchester on Tuesday for a “Stop the Madness” rally — one of many being organized around the nation to call attention to the foibles of impeachment and other matters.

President Trump’s campaign launched the volunteer outreach effort Friday, and it has quickly picked up speed with the locals. Mr. Lewandowski and the rallygoers had a message for the Granite State Democrats.

“The crowd, which featured camo-wearing veterans, a smattering of state legislators and a strong contingent from Vietnamese-Americans for Trump, was there to show support for President Trump, but they seemed happy to hear from his former campaign manager,” reports the New Hampshire Reporter.

Mr. Lewandowski used his time to vouch for the president, and tweak the Democrats.

“They want to bring an impeachment against this president for doing nothing but putting America first. If that’s a crime, guilty as charged,” he told the enthusiastic group.


• 72% of U.S. voters are “absolutely certain” they will vote on the 2020 primary election in their state; 76% of voters who favor President Trump and 73% of those who do not favor Mr. Trump agree.

• 13% say it is “very likely” they will vote; 13% of pro-Trump voters and 13% of non-Trump voters also agree.

• 10% say the chances are 50-50 they will vote; 8% of pro-Trump voters and 9% of non-Trump voters also agree.

• 3% say it is “not too likely” they will vote; 1% of pro-Trump voters and 3% of non-Trump voters also agree.

• 3% say it is “not likely at all” they will vote; 2% of pro-Trump voters and 3% of non-Trump voters also agree.

Source: A Politico/Morning Consult poll of 2,488 registered U.S. voters conducted Sept. 27-30.

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