It was a great day at the Million MAGA March but when it got dark ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter went on a hunt for Trump Supporters.

Whether the DC Police couldn’t protect Trump supporters or were told to stand down, there were beatings, intimidation, thefts and fireworks thrown into restaurants at diners by the pro-Biden groups. Children were terrified and even the elderly were intimidated and attacked.

Trump supporters harassed, attacked at MAGA march in DC amid clashes with counter-protesters; arrests made

In scenes captured on video, small groups of Trump supporters who attempted to enter the area around Black Lives Matter Plaza, about a block from the White House, were confronted by several hundred anti-Trump demonstrators who had gathered there.

Trump supporters who approached the area were harassed, doused with water, and saw their MAGA hats and pro-Trump flags snatched and burned, while counter-protesters cheered. – This is an excerpt from Fox News.

The original story of the huge Maga March and pictures are below near the bottom. Scroll down to see the amazing crowds who were peaceful all day until they were attacked as the day ended by anti-Trump Biden supporters.

Following the old adage that a picture (or a video) is worth 1000 words, we’ll just show you some of what happened.

We must never forget that Joe Biden is supported by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and many other radicial groups who are willing to suppress freedom of speech and physically attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

The following is the original story of the Maga March as the day began and Trump supporters peacefully gathered, marched and had a great day supporting President Trump.

Trump supporters are reportedly planning to gather in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a “Million MAGA March” and a “Stop the Steal” rally to show support for President Trump as his campaign spearheads lawsuits in several key battleground states alleging voter fraud connected to mail-in ballots.

Though tweets suggested caravans of Trump supporters would drive from around the country into the nation’s capital to attend the march, it was unclear how many were expected. Some social media users went a step further to criticize Bowser for implementing new COVID-19 restrictions last week meant to discourage interstate travel.
–This is an excerpt from Fox News.

The president thanked his supporters for their loyalty.

ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and other local anti-Trump groups are expected to be present to oppose any show of support for President Trump.

It’s not just DC:

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