A conservative political activist is pleased that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) will have a primary challenger next year.

Vernon Jones (pictured) made a name for himself during the 2020 presidential campaign when he, as a Democrat and former state legislator, campaigned for Donald Trump. Now Jones has announced that he has officially changed parties and intends to challenge the incumbent governor in the state’s 2022 Republican gubernatorial primary.

“They’re hoping that he’ll win the Republican primary, but you know what? Then they’re going to cut his head off and then they’re going to hand it to Stacey Abrams in the general election,” Jones said of Kemp. “Look, Georgians, I’m one of you. I’ve got God in my heart, I’ve got farming in my blood, I have military in my family, I have small businesses on my mind, and just in case you didn’t know, I’m a black Republican.”

Rob Chambers, a spokesman for AFA Action, is glad to see that Jones has left the “Democratic reservation.”

“That’s a very good sign,” he submits. “My hope would be that he left all Democratic values at the Georgia Democratic headquarters and has truly embraced a conservative, constitutional platform.”

And Chambers believes Governor Kemp needs to be challenged.

“He did very little during the 2020 election to right all the illegal actions that were done in the state of Georgia through Stacey Abrams and [Brad] Raffensperger,” the AFA spokesman recalls. “There are many things that the governor could have and should have done. Now he has come out and signed into law reform. But hey, that’s Johnny come lately.”

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