After garnering national attention for allowing abortion up until birth, the state of New York is now considering killing yet another segment of its population.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the controversial abortion bill past week, but pro-life activists are warning there are actually three bills submitted to the New York senate and assembly dealing with legalizing doctor-assisted suicide.

Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition says one bill is based loosely on the Oregon euthanasia law, one that qualifies a person based on a six-month or less terminal illness prognosis.

“What’s interesting about this bill is that it doesn’t have a waiting period and also doesn’t require you to be a citizen of New York,” says Schadenberg. “So therefore this bill could allow people, specifically from anywhere in the U.S., to die by assisted suicide in New York because it doesn’t have a citizenship requirement.”

Another bill would prohibit the payment of life insurance in cases of assisted suicide.

“In states where assisted suicide is legal. they’ve defined it as not being a suicide, as not being homicide,” Schadenberg explains. “Therefore, in those cases life insurance policies would pay. But this bill specifically says that if you legalize assisted suicide, life insurance policies won’t pay.”

The third bill simply calls for a study of doctor-assisted suicide.


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