The United Nations is clearly a piece of work. It sucks down money, mainly from the United States, and then finds any way possible to criticize the United States. The organization is completely backward. From putting known human rights violators on the “human rights” committee to passing resolutions that carry absolutely no weight whatsoever, the U.N. is liberalism run amok. Now, they want to tell the United States what to do regarding illegal immigration. I have two words for them… Back off!

As noted in a story in Reuters, “The United Nations said on Thursday governments must respect the rights of all migrants, in a statement apparently targeting measures including Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants and French expulsions of Roma.”

The statement from the Global Migration Group — combining 12 U.N. agencies, the World Bank and the International Organisation for Migration — said it was concerned about the rights of tens of millions of migrants in ‘irregular’ circumstances around the globe. Such people can include illegal immigrants or migrants whose asylum requests are not considered legitimate.

Irregular circumstances? Now they are calling illegal aliens “irregular.” Doesn’t that mean they have constipation or diarrhea or something? If I were an illegal alien, I’d be offended. But in any case, the U.N. like other liberal entities such as the media refuse to use the label “illegal” on activity that is clearly illegal. Whether the term is undocumented or irregular, the meaning is still the same: illegal.

As it turns out, the U.N. has been avoiding the “illegal” term for years. covered a story in 2006 where author Eric Shawn told Bill O’Reilly, “In U.N. world there’s no such thing as an illegal alien or illegal immigrant. They call it an irregular migrant. Legal immigrants, on the other hand, are referred to as “regular migrants.”

The GMG report states:

Migrants in an irregular situation are more likely to face discrimination, exclusion, exploitation and abuse at all stages of the migration process. They often face prolonged detention or ill- treatment, and in some cases enslavement, rape or even murder. They are more likely to be targeted by xenophobes and racists, victimized by unscrupulous employers and sexual predators, and can easily fall prey to criminal traffickers and smugglers. Rendered vulnerable by their irregular status, these men, women and children are often afraid or unable to seek protection and relief from the authorities of countries of origin, transit or destination.

The phrase “rendered vulnerable by their irregular status” really gets me. They make it sound like “irregular status” is an affliction or disease. Wrong! It’s a choice. Then, in a swipe directly at Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, the report states:

Too often, States have addressed irregular migration solely through the lens of sovereignty, border security or law enforcement, sometimes driven by hostile domestic constituencies. Although States have legitimate interests in securing their borders and exercising immigration controls, such concerns cannot, and indeed, as a matter of international law do not, trump the obligations of the State to respect the internationally guaranteed rights of all persons, to protect those rights against abuses, and to fulfill the rights necessary for them to enjoy a life of dignity and security.

Blah, blah, blah. In other words, they want America to continue to pay for health care, education, and other benefits, while these people continue to break the law.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told reporters that “Arizona’s new immigration law, passed to expel nearly half a million illegal immigrants from the state and stem the flow of human and drug smugglers over the border from Mexico, was certain to be raised at an international conference on migration in Mexico on Nov. 8-11.” The Reuters story also notes that U.N. officials “have already denounced as discriminatory because it allows police to stop and search individuals on the suspicion they are illegal immigrants.” Of course that’s completely false, but that doesn’t stop them from saying it!

I fade out when the U.N. report starts to “call on states to” do this and that and the other. The United States is the United States. It does not fall under the jurisdiction of any organization, especially one that believes nothing is illegal and that would rather sing kumbaya than crack down on terrorists and real human rights violators.

The U.S. can handle it’s own illegal immigration problems. And… if the federal government under Barack Obama won’t do it, then they states will step forward. We certainly don’t need the U.N. telling us what to do.

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