Before Senate Democrats headed out of Washington, DC to campaign and to face their angry constituents, a meeting was held on Wednesday to “pump up” the team. As they each left the love fest, they were given a “message card” or talking points to share with the voters. Apparently, the Democrats are in such disarray that they can no longer think for themselves. What’s even worse is that if they plan on talking about what’s on their talking points, this election will be a slam dunk… for the other guys.

As noted in The Hill’s Briefing Room blog, “The theme of the card is Democrats Are On Your Side, and it tells senators to remind their constituents of three Democratic policy priorities.”

Side Note: Were the Democrats on “the people’s side” when they voted to pass ObamaCare despite the majority of Americans being opposed to it? Just a thought.

Ok, back to the topic at hand… the Democrats and their talking points. I guess the main thing that really causes me to scratch my head is not the fact that they were given a note from mommy (aka Obama and his advisors), but the fact that the talking points are so off-base from what is happening in this country. Here are the three main points:

No. 1, Democrats will create jobs by getting businesses to make products in America.

No. 2, Democrats will stop tax breaks for big corporations who ship American jobs overseas.

No. 3, Democrats will protect Medicare and Social Security from Republicans who want to eliminate them.

First of all, talking point #1 just smacks of more big government. Does any one think the American people are in the mood for Obama to have even more control over the American economy? Talking point #2 is not on anyone’s radar screen. If they are trying to make this about jobs, but then focus on those jobs lost to overseas competition, they are missing the point. The unemployment rate has spiked up under Obama’s watch and because of his policies, not because of a practice that’s been going on for years and years. People are frustrated with the policies of the Democrats, and so far, these talking points don’t address those policies.

Talking point #3 is more of the same. People are frustrated with taxes that are about to go up, with runaway spending, with too much big government, and with politicians who don’t seem to listen. No one is talking about eliminating Medicare and Social Security. In fact, the ones hurting Medicare recipients the most are the Democrats with ObamaCare.

Contrast these talking points with the GOP’s Pledge to America. This agenda lays out to the American people a set of plans that are common sense and conservative. Cutting spending, repealing ObamaCare, stopping all tax increases, restoring some integrity to Congress, and putting proper priority on national security. These are the issues Americans are talking about. These are the topics that concern them.

The Hill notes that the Democrats’ talking points follow the “advice that senior White House strategist David Axelrod gave to Senate Democrats when he met with them in late July.” Following that meeting, Axelrod told reporters, “This election is a choice, it’s a very, very clear choice.” How right he is.

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