I don’t think the word “surprised” really fits any more when talking about some of the completely outrageous things those on the far left will say. I guess what I still scratch my head about is why these people keep getting reelected. Are Americans really that stupid? (That’s rhetorical.) Just look at what the always outrageous Maxine Waters had to say about banks and home loans.

So… Waters wants to fight “gangster” banks. These are the institutions that gave the loans in the first place. These are the institutions who followed statistical analysis in order to determine if a person applying for a loan was a “good risk.” Of course, the government told them to forget about all that and give out loans anyway… to people the banks KNEW were bad risks. Now, Waters wants them to forget about all that and take the hit.

What sounds more gangster to you? Banks doing business through analysis or threats from a government official about being taxed out of business? Sounds pretty “gangsta” to me.

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