What is the world coming to? Over the last week, the White House briefing room has actually come alive with real questions. Perhaps their eyes have been opened. Or, perhaps there is just too much going on to ignore? With scandals brewing over Benghazi, the IRS, and the Department of Justice, a once silent media are speaking out. Even ultra kool-aid drinker Chris Matthews appears to be growing tired of Obama’s antics.

First, check out what CBS News’ Bob Schieffer had to say about the Obama administration. Schieffer asks, “Is anybody home in Washington?”And then there is this gem from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. The guy who once had a “thrill going up his leg” over Barack Obama is now frustrated at the complete lack of interest Obama seems to have in actually executing the duties of the presidency.

Will Washington journalists actually open their eyes? There is so much going on in Obama’s White House, and so much of it seems corrupt and incompetent. If these journalists are REAL journalists, they will continue to ask the hard questions. The more questions that are asked, the more Obama will lose support, because there is no getting around the fact that Americans have died, been influenced, and been spied on, all under Barack Obama’s presidency.

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