One of the most interesting exchanges during the year-long “debate” on health care, and I use the word “debate” loosely, was an exchange between Barack Obama and John McCain at one of Obama’s so-called “bi-partisanship” meetings. As McCain was noting some facts about health care, Obama butted in, and with complete lack of protocol, respect, and class addressed the senator as “John” and said that the “election was over.”
It was such a bogus statement when he said it, and it is even more ridiculous now. The bill has been signed. The Democrats rammed it through despite a majority of Americans being opposed to it. And now what does Obama do? He steps up the campaign rhetoric by continuing his assault on those who are opposed to more debt, more regulation, and less control over our health care. The campaign for McCain may be over, but Obama’s has never ended.
As the vote on health care was getting closer, Obama held a meeting with the Republican leadership. Note that the bill was already crafted, so this meeting was nothing more than a stage production to create an atmosphere of bipartisanship. At that meeting, the following exchange occurred between McCain and Obama:

Obama talks about the need to stop campaigning… that the election is over. But how does Obama react once he has signed the bill? He continues to not only campaign, but also mock those who are opposed to it.

Obama may joke that the world didn’t end or the entire country collapse at the moment he signed the bill, but make no mistake about it… once that bill was signed, you and I lost more of our freedom. Our nation went into even more debt. And a chain reaction began that will “transform” the country just as Obama wanted it.
Doctor’s will have more paperwork and get paid less. For all those out there who buy into the socialist mentality, you’re probably thinking, “Good. They get paid too much.” You probably won’t be so happy as those doctors decide to do something else, leaving less choice for patients. More doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients. Now Medicare will be cut to pay for the government health insurance plan. Thus, doctors will get paid even less for seeing a Medicare patient. What do you think will happen? Less choice for elderly patients. Longer waits for elderly patients.
As noted in the AP story on GOPUSA, Obama’s campaign stop in Maine is only one of many where he will continue to preach the benefits of a health care bill the American people didn’t support.
In the speech, Obama said, “If they want to have a fight, I welcome that fight. Because I don’t believe the American people are going to put the insurance industry back in the driver’s seat.” He was alluding to Republican opposition and the targeting of Democrats who voted for the ObamaCare plan.
The American people don’t want government in the driver’s seat! Obama jokes that the country didn’t crumble instantly, but when he knowingly signs a bill that contains unconstitutional mandates and burdens Americans with more debt and taxes for generations, then he is causing the first cracks in the dam. Yes, it can be repaired, but will it be too late?

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