On February 27, 2014, GOPUSA lost not only a great writer but a great friend. From the very beginnings of GOPUSA, Doug Patton provided his unique insights as our first, regular columnist.

We had no budget, no staff, no real organization, but we had Doug. Unfortunately, his long battle with cancer ended a life that was full of hope, optimism, and faith. He will be missed… always.

When I first met Doug, he was working in politics as a speechwriter for a congressman in his home state of Nebraska. But what Doug really enjoyed was writing. Over the years, we had numerous discussions on how he could achieve his dream of becoming syndicated. We even talked about starting our own syndication business, but in the end, I stayed focused on GOPUSA, and Doug stayed focused on doing what he did best: producing columns that everyone wanted to read.

In the end, Doug achieved his dream of becoming a syndicated writer. I was so proud of that moment. There is nothing better than seeing someone work so hard toward a goal and then to have that goal realized.

All of us at GOPUSA will miss Doug’s work. We will miss him as a person even more. He was a friend, an ally, and a cornerstone of GOPUSA. Rest in peace, my friend.


Below are the entire archives of Doug Patton

2010 – Present

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