So the March for Our Lives is now in the books, and we are done with the media buildup, inflated attendance numbers, and endless speeches. President Trump brought people together shortly after the Parkland, FL shooting to talk about school safety, but the left has highjacked that topic and replaced it with gun control. They want to ban so-called “assault” weapons, but when protesters were asked to define or describe an “assault” weapon, the responses were eye opening.

First, I don’t think it would be fair to comment on other people’s answers without answering the question myself. So, let’s pretend I was being interviewed by Tucker Carlson or someone similar who actually has a clue as to what’s going on in the world. Tucker asks, “So, Bobby, what is an assault weapon.”

Me: “Well, Tucker, I’m glad you asked such an important question. You see… an assault weapon is… hmmmm…. Well, you know, it’s…. errr…. Well, I really don’t know what an assault weapon is. The left has now adopted the phrase “weapon of war,” and the protesting kids are using that on their websites and propaganda, but the AR-15 is not a weapon of war. The military uses rifles with three-round bursts and automatic mode, so the AR-15 would not classify as a “weapon of war.”

“There are wooden rifles that are semi-automatic, have the same exit velocity, deliver rounds through a magazine, just like an AR-15, so I guess that’s not what makes it an “assault” weapon either. That means that my only real answer is that it is something that looks scary and something that the left wants to ban. If the left calls it an assault weapon, then it must be an assault weapon.”

Ok, there. I tried. I did my best. I don’t know what an “assault” weapon is except that it is a made-up term by the left which is used to methodically chip away at our rights.

But let’s see what some of the “informed” marchers had to say. Here’s a great report by the folks at Campus Reform.

Every single march attendee that we spoke with made it clear: they want to ban assault weapons.

When asked if they knew what an assault weapon was, they were a little less clear.

“Um, I mean no. But ‘assault weapon,’ does that sound safe to you?” said one attendee.

“It’s an arm…like a gun for instance that you can buy at a shop pretty easily, that can like cause more deaths than one I guess,” added another.

Check out the on-the-street video from the actual march.

How do you like those answers? Here’s another video from another march held on Saturday. This one actually has a few people who know what’s going on…

How can we have a debate when the left simply makes up terms and argues for banning something they can’t even define? The Second Amendment was not made for hunting. It wasn’t made for sport shooting. It was made for defense… both from others and from the government.

The worst part of all of this is that these students are being used as pawns by the left in order to advance an agenda. If we want to really address school safety, then we need to look at what’s changed in our culture. The AR-15 has been around for 50 years. It hasn’t changed. People have changed.

More people are killed by knives than rifles. If a single rifle is banned, then what about the mass shootings from pistols? What about a psycho making a bomb? Schools can be made safer, there’s no doubt. When people are go to a concert or sporting event, bags are searched, metal detectors are in place, and guards keep people safe. It’s worth it for a rock concert, but not for a school?

In the meantime, these leftwing puppets will continue to call for a ban on “assault” weapons, and you can bet CNN will have ask them what that actually means.

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