We’ve heard about discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, orientation, and so and so on and so on. It seems every day there is a new group being “protected” against discrimination. But what about hair? Is it discrimination to charge more to cut and style a woman’s hair? Apparently so as one barber in New York City is finding out.

This is the story of Leon Kogut who owns Leon’s Fantasy Cut in Brooklyn. As reported by Todd Starnes on his FoxNews.com blog, Kogut has been “accused of violating the city’s discrimination policy.” Why? For charging more to cut a woman’s hair than a man’s. How much more? Three dollars.

“I’m here for 21 years and I’ve never heard of such a thing,” said Leon Kogut, the owner of Leon’s Fantasy Cut in Brooklyn. “The guy tells me this is discrimination of a woman.”

Kogut, who is originally from the former Soviet Union, told Fox News he ran afoul of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. An inspector slapped the barber with three violations totaling $650 in fines.

Apparently, according to the Hair Cut Czar, it’s ok to charge more based on hair length, but not style. Kogut said, “A woman’s haircut requires a lot of skill. You have to style the hair, blow dry, use the mousse, the hairspray. It could take hours to get her hair cut.”

Starnes also points out in his blog that the poor barber faced continued wrath from the inspector. Apparently, Kogut’s cash register was just too darn old. That’s right… since it didn’t produce a receipt upon completion of a transaction, the nearly 100-year-old cash register was deemed in violation of some other insane law. Kogut was fined again.

Can you believe this? There is a law governing cash registers and hair styles? America is truly going over the big-government deep end. When will it stop?

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