The New York Times went after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the paper fell flat on its face. Ilhan Omar strangely deleted a tweet on Tuesday that inadvertently brings up the whole “brother” issue, and the House Judiciary Committee moved forward with its first “kind of” impeachment hearings. All that and more on today’s show!

Before I get to the New York Times, it’s important to point out that almost all so-called news sources have gone down the toilet. Newsweek decided it was newsworthy to write a story about a 79-year-old distant relative of President Turmp who accused the president of stealing pancakes!

Of course, the New York Times is even worse… dredging up the Brett Kavanaugh story was again just to stir things up. Their “new” evidence is completely bogus, and their standards have dropped to a new low. Tweets have been deleted, and the paper had to issue yet another correction.

Ilhan Omar and the story of her marrying her brother just won’t go away. On Monday, she was called out for an old tweet that seemed to indicate that she did, indeed, marry her brother. By Tuesday morning, Omar deleted the old tweet. What is going on with her?

The House Judiciary Committee began it’s hearings into possible impeachment of President Trump, and it was a clown show. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was the witness, and he absolutely mowed over the committee members. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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