A Texas father has lost his fight to stop the gender transition of his son who, according to one expert, does not even have gender dysphoria.

Jeff Younger wanted sole custody of his seven-year-old twin sons, James and Jude. The boys’ mother, Anne Georgulas, claims James wants to be a girl named Luna. Though Younger disputes the information, a jury in Dallas has prevented the father from having sole custody. That means James’ mother – a pediatrician – can give the child hormone replacement therapy.

“What stuns me is that the pro-transgender physicians and therapists who this mother has working with her son all came out and admitted that James does not always say he is a girl,” says Michelle Cretella, MD, FCP, executive director of American College of Pediatricians. “They all admitted that there is ‘fluidity’ in his thinking.”

That, says Cretella, shows this child does not have gender dysphoria.

“In the pro-transgender medical world, diagnosis of gender dysphoria in children comes because the child consistently and persistently insists that he is a girl or she is a boy,” she explains. “The key words that the pro-transgender docs latch onto are ‘consistently’ and ‘persistently insisting,’ [and] he clearly doesn’t fit the mold.”

Cretella adds, “You don’t need to have a PhD or an MD to know what’s going on here.”

“This is a child who is torn between his parents and wants to please them both,” she stresses. “It’s absolutely mind-boggling to me that jurors would not see through this, that our legal system would allow this to fly, that the so-called medical experts on the mother’s side would not put the child’s best interest at heart and say, ‘Look, this is clearly a child who is going through a traumatic situation here,’ because divorce, by definition, is traumatic to children.”

“This is a real tragedy,” thinks attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. “It is literally a life-altering decision that is permanent, that will damage him, and that will have lifelong consequences.”

Staver adds there are individuals who have gone through gender transition therapy and now have regrets.

“They’re saying, ‘It doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t change your sex. It doesn’t do anything but mutilate your body and wrap you into chains that actually are worse than when you began,'” Staver explains. “What really is the answer to any of this confusion, this search for identity, is having your identity in Jesus Christ, knowing that you are a special individual created in the image of God.”

Jeff Younger believes that his son is a victim of sexual abuse, and he believes all he can do now to save James is “outlast the opposition.”


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