At the same time the U.S. Justice Department is ominously warning right-wing terrorists are running wild and pose an imminent threat to democracy, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that literal bomb-throwing abortion supporters remain free.

After abortion supporters attacked pro-life pregnancy centers and even numerous churches over the summer, the FBI has yet to make a single arrest even though those incidents – which now number 170-plus nationwide – literally meet the federal government’s definition of domestic terrorism.

So right-leaning groups have signed their names to a Freedom of Information Act request demanding Department of Justice records related to its promise to investigate those incidents and make arrests.

According to a LifeNews story, the letter pulls no punches, either, and hints at what many people are thinking: The FBI is cheering for the terrorists.

“We have serious concerns,” the letter states, “that the work of DOJ is being inappropriately politicized, as investigations into these acts of violence against organizations disfavored by the current administration are being slow-walked or outright ignored.”

That straight-forward accusation comes after FBI whistleblowers have described a KGB-like agency. Some have come forward since late summer to describe a federal agency being “purged” of agents who hold right-wing political views and who have reported misconduct by the DOJ. Agents are also under pressure to pad the numbers to prove right-wing domestic terrorism is a serious threat, those whistleblowers have alleged.

Dana Stancavage, who represents Students for Life Action, says it is obvious the Biden administration is overseeing a “politicized” Department of Justice. So the pro-life group proudly added its name to the long list of groups.

“We took this serious,” she said of the letter’s demands.

A shadowy group called “Jane’s Revenge” has claimed credit for many incidents, which range from Molotov cocktails to vandalism, and AFN has pointed out a violent act meant to scare or intimidate meets the definition of domestic terrorism.

With the resources of the FBI, it’s unthinkable to suggest the federal government is not aware of the name or names behind Jane’s Revenge.




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