President-elect Donald J. Trump will be formally elected the 45th president of the United States of America today.

Will this inevitable decision by the Electoral College finally end the unhinged derangement of the alt-left and their trust-funded, living-in-gated-communities pajama boy supporters? Of course not!

Coming soon to an alt-reality website near you: Impeach Donald Trump!

Click here to contribute some more of the millions your parents left you unemployable Baby Boomers to the David Brock and Michael Moore retirement funds!

Tilting at windmills against Donald Trump has become the most profitable left-wing grift since Al Gore discovered global cooling, er, global warming, er, climate change, er, extreme climate.

Say what you will about Jill Stein — the nutty professor was way ahead of the curve on these latest moonbat flimflams. She realized that even if you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, all she needed to do was fool some of her card-carrying fellow travelers who “work” at “nonprofits” to realize a haul of $7.5 million.

And when the “recounts” were over — after the discovery of massive Democrat voter fraud in Detroit, after Trump picked up 168 votes in the hand recount in Wisconsin, after a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed Stein’s preposterous challenge as “irrational” — Jill asked her marks, er comrades, how she should spend what was left of her $7.5 million recount war chest. Of course, all that remained was $13 — should she go for two cheese pizzas or one meat-lovers supreme?

But who cares? Mission accomplished. Stein is now sitting on a huge email list of reality-challenged Communist moonbats who can be tapped for whatever lunatic anti-Trump scam she and the rest of the leftist grifters think of next.

Speaking of total frauds, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath about Trump’s real estate holdings. She’s sent up smoke signals demanding a new law, the better to impeach him with. That measure will pass about the same time Chief Spreading Bull agrees to a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage.

But Fauxcahontas’ fabulously well-heeled supporters in the Cambridge cheese shops from Harvard all the way to Inman Square will chip in big bucks for whatever Wounded Knee-like challenges to the election returns that the fake Indian comes up with.

The New York Times should be so lucky. After all, the Bible of the alt-left carried a lot more water for the dreadful Mrs. Bill Clinton than Jill Stein or Lieawatha ever did. But Friday the Times was busted yet again for running fake news, just ahead of the huge newsroom layoffs the Times Square fabulists are already planning for January.

The Times’ latest fake news involved the “Republican” elector from Texas who’s not voting for Trump tomorrow. You know, the guy the Times assured us this week was a heroic first responder to the 9/11 terror attack on the Pentagon in 2001.

There’s an old saying in the Times newsroom, some stories are too good to check out. Make that, all stories, at least if they’re anti-Trump.

Turns out, Chris Suprun is yet another 100-percent total fraud in the Times tradition of Jayson Blair, Walter Duranty and Herbert Matthews.

Suprun had about as much to do with 9/11 as your pet cat.

To commemorate this latest outbreak of Barnicle-itis, the Times announced it will be subletting eight more floors in its headquarters in Midtown, the better to meet payroll for a few more weeks before the inevitable Chap. 11 bankruptcy filing.

Meanwhile, Pinch has waived the five-year waiting period for Suprun and he will be inducted directly into the Times Fake News Hall of Fame tomorrow.

The failing Times ran a piece by two Harvard professors yesterday asking “Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?”

Among the signs of a would-be dictator, these brandy Alexander sippers announce, is “a readiness to curtail rivals’ civil liberties.”

You mean, like Hillary’s pledge to basically gut the First Amendment by repealing Citizens United, or jailing the immigrant producer of the video that the Obama regime falsely blamed for Benghazi?

Another sign of a would-be dictator, the Harvard pajama boys go on, is “the denial of legitimacy of elected governments.”

Is that anything like denying the legitimacy of the Electoral College vote against Hillary tomorrow? I wonder how much the parents of these two “professors” had to pay Harvard for their worthless offspring’s tenure? Five million? Ten million?

Just how demented are these millionaire anti-Trump turds? At what point does the bunco squad step in and start reading these frauds their Miranda rights?

Not to worry, though. The PC pogrom is not quite over yet. The electoral college vote still has to be certified Jan. 6.

Plenty of time for the alt-left media to produce reams more of fake news!

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