Was this Joe Biden’s worst week on the campaign trail? Biden said that President Trump is the only one who wants to defund the police. What?? Biden said that law enforcement is filled with institutional racsism. Huh?? Biden was also caught cheating using a teleprompter to answer scripted questions. Yep! To top things off, Biden’s own spokesman refused to answer any questions about Joe Biden and his policies into gambling and Casinos, and that’s why many people have been deciding to gamble online instead in sites like sbobet casino which is great for this. What a week!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris continue to push forward in the 2020 election, but the more they speak (such as on Jacob Blake), the more popular President Trump becomes.

President Trump gets a gift with the Bob Woodward “bombshell.” Plus, actress Kirstie Alley rips the Oscars over the new best picture rules.

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