A pro-family activist is praising parents for speaking up for their fifth-grade girls in far-left California after learning they were housed with male “nonbinary” counselors at a California science camps.

Numerous parents from the Los Alamitos School District have learned from returning girls not only were they housed with adult men but those men were verbally abusive to the little girls, too.

Three parents who spoke to Fox News, and who shared similar sickening stories from their girls, have also witnessed the Pali Institute deny the allegations despite an employee telling one of the parents via email the camp is following California law when it places staff “in the cabins they identify with.”

Linda Harvey of Mission: America says the parents simply want the school district to notify them before letting men sleep in the same room with their little girls.

“The reality is that most parents are very concerned about this,” she says. “They know automatically that there’s something deeply wrong, and it’s actually a positive sign when parents speak out about this.”

Even worse, after parents complained to their own school district, a second group of fifth-grade girls were sent to Pali without their parents being notified of the controversial and dangerous sleeping arrangements.

According to the parents, a deputy superintendent insisted no one had heard any concerns voiced by parents.

“They knew that there were rumblings with parents prior to those three days before they sent another 300 kids off,” parent Rachel Sandoval told Fox News.


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