The liberal enclave of Portland, Oregon released an illegal alien who went to prison for sex crimes, and was charged with several more, so it’s no surprise an immigration watchdog is rooting for the Feds.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently subpoenaed a sheriff’s office in the suburbs of Portland for information about two Mexican citizens wanted for deportation, the latest conflict between federal officials and local government agencies over sanctuary policies.

ICE served the subpoenas on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Hillsboro, The Associated Press reported.

Ignoring the ICE detainer, the sheriff’s office released a man, 39, who served six years in prison for sexual abuse. He was also facing charges for displaying a child in sexual conduct, sexual abuse, and sodomy, an ICE spokesman told the AP.

The second man, 44, was released from the Washington County jail after serving time for DUI.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, says ICE was aware that criminal aliens had been released from custody by local law enforcement.

“And so they are filing subpoenas in federal court to try to force the local agencies,” she explains, “to release information that they have on these released criminal aliens.”

If the local officials refuse to do so, they could be found in contempt in a federal court.

After witnessing liberal politicians impose “sanctuary” policies for much of President Trump’s first term, ICE appears to be pushing back. Earlier this week, OneNewsNow reported that ICE is using a “most wanted” tactic, much like the FBI’s famous list, that helped the Feds locate and arrest two criminal illegal aliens in another liberal enclave, Massachusetts.

Vaughn, who was quoted in that story, tells OneNewsNow that ICE has created extra work for itself but it appears the law is on its side.

“It might be necessary here, and I appreciate that they’re trying something new,” she observes, “and they’re trying to force the issue rather than just look the other way.”

Since January, ICE has issued similar immigration subpoenas in California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New York. These subpoenas in Washington County were the first issued in Oregon.


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