Perhaps I should rephrase my headline. From the actions of our federal government, it’s not that immigration laws are made to be broken, it’s that they are made to not be enforced in the first place. After years of neglect in keeping American’s borders secure and fighting illegal immigration, states have had to step up and do it themselves. The problem is that each time a state passes a law to get tough on illegal immigration, the feds move in to shut it down. That’s exactly what’s happening now in South Carolina.

Whether overtly or covertly, the federal government is doing everything it can to stop Americans from stopping illegal immigration. First, the overt actions… When states like Arizona and Georgia passed laws that help them do what the federal goverment should be doing regarding illegals, Barack Obama directed his Justice Department to file lawsuits to shut them down. In Arizona, the law that was passed was essentially the same law that’s already on the federal books. The reason Obama and company got scared was because they knew Arizona would enforce it.

Then there are the covert actions. This aren’t directives from Justice Department officials to the courts, but rather the word get spread to local law enforcement officials that they should stop arresting illegal aliens. As I wrote back in April, “An Arizona sheriff has come forward, saying that he has been told to stop arresting illegal aliens.” Isn’t it his job to stop people from breaking the law?

Now, Fox News reports, Obama’s Justice Department is at it again, but this time, they are focusing on South Carolina. The lawsuit filed by the feds alleges that South Carolina’s new illegal immigration law is unconstitutional. The legislation “requires that officers call federal immigration officials if they suspect someone is in the country illegally following a stop for something else.”

That’s it. That’s the law. Local officials stop a bad guy. They suspect he’s an illegal alien. They call the feds. This is what OUR federal government wants to stop. They don’t want to enforce the law, and they surely don’t want South Carolina officals calling them up and asking them to do so.

South Carolina’s law, which takes effect Jan. 1, also mandates that all businesses check their new hires’ legal status through a federal online system. Businesses that knowingly violate the law could have their operating licenses revoked.

The law says all law enforcement officers are required to call federal immigration officials if they suspect someone is in the country illegally. The question must follow an arrest or traffic stop for something else. The measure bars officers from holding someone solely on that suspicion. Opponents railed against the measure as encouraging racial profiling.

The law also makes it a felony for someone to make fake photo IDs for illegal residents and creates a new law enforcement unit within the Department of Public Safety to enforce state immigration laws. It also makes it a felony for illegal immigrants to allow themselves to be transported.

So there you have it. Whenever a state tries to do what the feds should be doing regarding illegal immigration, they shut it down. They don’t shut it down, so they can do it themselves. They shut it down, so enforcement doesn’t get done at all. That’s what they want. An immigration system that has no enforcement might as well have no laws in the first place. Let them come in… we’re paying for all their stuff anyway, right?

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