What an unreal press conference. Barack Obama stood before the White House press corps and angrily denied his staff leaked classified information. He also blamed Congress and Europe for economic woes. But then, he made GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s life even easier. With one sentence, Obama demonstrated that he truly doesn’t know what is going on.

As noted in today’s GOPUSA Fresh Ink story from The Washington Times, Obama was not too happy at the Friday press conference when asked about leaks in the White House. As the Times reports, “President Obama reacted indignantly Friday to accusations that his aides may have leaked classified details of successful anti-terrorism operations to bolster his national security credentials for the fall reelection campaign.”

Obama said it was “offensive” to imply that “my White House would purposely release classified national security information.”

As the Associated Press reports on GOPUSA, Obama also took aim at Republicans for blocking his jobs bill. This comes as Obama has faced renewed criticism for his handling of the economy.

The president spoke after several days of difficult turns for his re-election prospects, including last Friday’s report that the unemployment rate had risen slightly to 8.2 percent in May as job creation had slowed, and new signs that the European debt crisis was hurting the U.S. economy.

“The recipes that they (Republicans) are promoting are basically the kinds of policies that would add weakness to the economy, would result in further layoffs, would not provide relief to the housing market and would result … in lower growth,” Obama said.

Then came THE MOMENT of the press conference. Obama was asked about the economy and jobs, and he said this:

Are you kidding me??? The private sector is doing fine?

As you might expect, Mitt Romney was all over this gaffe of all gaffes.

The Hill reports that Romney blasted Obama for the comments:

In the president’s remarks Friday morning, Obama repeatedly said hiring at private industries was “fine” and occurring at “a solid pace,” arguing instead for additional funds for state and local governments to hire teachers and emergency personnel. But Republicans quickly pounced on his remarks in light of May’s disappointing job numbers, and Romney said the comments could have historic implications.

So there you have it. How much will it take for the American people to wake up?

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