Business next year in the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to be livelier than usual on pro-life issues as a record number of pro-life women will serve in that chamber in the next Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) may have a more difficult time quieting the voices of pro-lifers than in the past because of unexpected Democratic losses in the House last month, resulting in a slimmer majority status than in the previous session.

A total of 29 pro-life women will be in the House come January. Prudence Robertson of the Susan B. Anthony List is hopeful regarding the addition of more pro-life legislators.

“We have 18 new pro-life women now elected to the U.S. House; 10 of these women elected to the House have flipped seats that were formerly held by pro-abortion Democrats,” Robertson states. (See earlier related article)

Pelosi was known to tune out requests for bills to be heard in the chamber by pro-life members of the House, but now the speaker won’t be able to drown out the noise, says the pro-life spokeswoman.

“When people understand the extremism of the Democrats on abortion, especially Nancy Pelosi and radical Democrats in Congress, they reject that extremism,” Robertson continues. “So, I think that these women will be able to really be a pro-life stronghold in the House and present pro-life legislation and the pro-life argument to really challenge the extremism that we currently see from the Democrats.”

While that doesn’t necessarily mean pro-life bills will pass, it does, however, mean greater protection for pro-life legislation from pro-abortion Democrats.

SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser spoke in a press release on the issue, describing these Republican women as a “brick wall against radical pro-abortion agenda of Speaker Pelosi and pro-abortion Democrats dead set on taking out even modest protections for the pro-life Americans.”


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