As the media and the left goes on and on about hateful rhetoric from President Donald Trump after numerous someone sent Democrat foes bombs, they seem to have forgotten that their rhetoric doesn’t help either.

You know, like this fantasy story at The New York Times that depicts the assassination of Trump by a Russian agent with the help of the Secret Service.

This is an excerpt. Read the rest at Legal Insurrection.


Steve Scalise, shot by Bernie Sanders supporter, calls for NY Time to remove Trump assassination story

Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise told The Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday that The New York Times should take down and apologize for a short fictional story about assassinating President Donald Trump published Tuesday.

“The media needs to take accountability for the role they are playing in promoting dangerous rhetoric and division in this country, particularly against President Trump and his supporters,” Scalise said in a statement to TheDCNF. “The decision by The New York Times to run this piece is irresponsible and offensive, and they should remove it and apologize.”

This is an excerpt. Read more at the Daily Caller.

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