The blockbuster lawsuit brought Tuesday by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia contends that those four states tainted the election and disenfranchised voters in other states like Texas by exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring election laws, leading to a flood of ballots being dumped into the counting systems without safeguards. The filing also alleges those states unlawfully enacted last-minute changes that were not approved by state legislatures, thereby circumventing the U.S. Constitution.

Newsmax is reporting that the four states named in the lawsuit filed by Texas AG Ken Paxton began to file court papers Thursday, meeting the deadline set by the Supreme Court. Officials from those states are labeling the lawsuit a reckless attack on democracy, arguing that it was adding to a “cacophony of bogus false claims” about the election.

Before the end of the day on Wednesday, 17 states had joined the lawsuit, backing Paxton’s legal challenge before the Supreme Court. Another state, Arizona, joined in today. Republican lawmakers are getting behind the lawsuit as well, led by Congressman Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana).

“This is a meritorious case … and we think there’s a real potential here that the court will give this the appropriate hearing and review,” Johnson stated Wednesday on “Washington Watch,” a daily radio broadcast hosted by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

As an accomplished attorney, the GOP lawmaker has handled high-profile court cases for the past two decades. He contends that the four states’ handling of the election violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution – “because the voters in Texas and the other [18] states were disenfranchised, in a way, because of the high jinks in [those offending] states.”

Johnson also delivered some good news for those who have been critical of the apparent reluctance of Republicans on Capitol Hill to come to the president’s aid during the legal challenges to the election results.

“[On Thursday] we’re going to have a landslide of House Republicans who are going to sign-on to our amicus brief to support this [lawsuit] in the court,” he offered. “And we’re making a very simple argument on behalf of all the [members of Congress]: we represent untold millions of Americans who are deeply concerned … with the integrity of our election system.”

He added: “This is about not just one election but about the integrity of the system itself – and we have to get the court to give the appropriate, careful review of this. That’s what we’re asking them for, and I think that’s what the American people want.”

Representative Johnson emphasized the importance of free and fair elections to a constitutional republic like the United States – and to its people. “This is sacrosanct in our system and in our nation,” he concluded, “and if we lose that, if we lose the people’s faith in that, we’re in a very desperate time.”

‘A brilliantly formed case’

A conservative activist and commentator is confident President Trump will emerge victorious from the Texas lawsuit that many believe will determine whether the U.S. will remain a constitutional republic. Dr. Jerome Corsi says the Texas case has the full spotlight on it in the country.

“This is the case that Trump is going to win, and he’s going to be president again,” Corsi tells One News Now. “This is a brilliantly formed case: it’s on strictly constitutional arguments; it doesn’t require proof of fraud.”

He adds that there are “very, very good arguments” that Article 2 was ignored. “Different states made different changes of different kinds, which made unequal voting from one state to the other which allowed for fraud and irregularities,” he elaborates.

According to Corsi, it’s conceivable the Supreme Court will have this case argued and decided very quickly.

“This is the case on which the election now depends. If the Supreme Court goes with Trump, Trump wins. I’ve always said Trump would win at the Supreme Court. Look at this case it’s brilliantly written. And I think that who put this together for Texas did a first-rate job and they’re going to win.”

Corsi is author of “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency.”


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