This went down like a plate of cold yams.

Republicans and conservatives mocked the White House on Wednesday after several Biden administration mouthpieces tweeted out a list of the president’s so-called “top accomplishments” for his supporters to refer to during fraught political talk around the Thanksgiving table.

The not-so-festive list was shared on Twitter by the 80-year-old president’s chief of staff, Ron Klain and included questionable claims about inflation, gas prices, unemployment and taxes.

“One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: some talking points when ‘that Uncle’ comes ‘at you’ about @POTUS,” Klain wrote in a tweet when he shared the talking points.

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That’s if we can afford Thanksgiving, Joe! GOP blasts White House for bizarre talking points to parry your uncle at the dinner table listing Biden’s achievements in office – including ‘tackling’ crippling inflation

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain wants Biden supporters to be armed with table talking points about the Inflation Reduction Act and a dip in gas prices in case they find themselves in a boozy tete-a-tete with ‘that uncle’ during Thanksgiving dinner.

To make it easier, Klain and the White House blasted out a list of Biden’s ‘top accomplishments for chatting with your Uncle at Thanksgiving.’

It came in the form of a fall-themed digital flier that spells out some of his signature achievements and a few that aren’t nearly fulfilled.

The top item credits Biden for ‘tackling inflation and lowering costs,’ and mentions that gas prices are down $1.35 since June – although that comes after a spike that sent ripples through the economy and made gas prices a top concern in the elections.

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