In what has become an all-too-frequent occurrence, Fox News wasted no time taking a swipe at conservatives. We’ve seen it plenty of times now — from commentators having meltdowns because their establishment candidate isn’t the frontrunner to openly criticizing conservatives as out of touch or crazy. Now, the race for Speaker of the House is up in the air, and Fox News has singled out a certain conservative candidate as the possible culprit.

Some of the Fox News bias really came to light with the ascendance of Donald Trump. Trump is certainly no conservative, but he speaks out against the politically correct establishment and the media. As such, candidates such as Jeb Bush (a Fox News favorite) are directly in his line of fire. This caused such turmoil at Fox News that they launched an all-out assault on Trump. Just think back to the first presidential debate if you have any doubts as to whose corner Fox News was NOT in.

Now, we have the fall of House Speaker John Boehner who decided to resign rather than face a possible ouster by a growing faction of disgruntled conservatives. His presumed establishment successor, Kevin McCarthy, also saw the writing on the wall and withdrew from the race knowing that he did not have the votes to win.

But check out what Brett Baier of Fox News had to say about McCarthy’s withdrawal:

So… Baier blames Ted Cruz for McCarthy’s fall??? Baier makes it sound as if Cruz is engaged in a sinister plot by meeting with the Freedom Caucus. How dare conservatives actually meet and demand that things get done! Then Baier claims that Cruz exerts “undue influence” on the caucus?? What does that even mean? It’s just a line thrown out there to paint Cruz in a bad light.

So, what’s the purpose of those comments? They added nothing to the debate or the discussion but merely guided viewers down a path that makes Cruz look like the bad guy.

It’s disturbing that Fox News seems to be no different than so many of the establishment Republicans in Washington. They talk and preach conservatism just as long as nothing really gets done. With people like Trump and Carson on the rise and people like Boehner on his way out, the Beltway elite must shaking right now. But will anything change?


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