Times have certainly changed. College campuses were once known as havens for free thought, free speech, and free expression. It was that period when people were exposed to a host of new ideas, so they could form their own opinions. Those times are gone. Now, most colleges and universities push a liberal agenda where disapproval is not tolerated, and expressions of conservative beliefs are punished. Just looked what happened to this reporter who asked too many questions…

We’ve seen example after example after example of college administrators, faculty, and students shutting down conservative thought. A pro-abortion display on campus is ok, but a pro-life one will get trashed. Writing about gay “marriage” is condoned, but writing about traditional marriage will get the writer censored.

And now, it seems that Cornell University doesn’t even like the presence of reporters… that is… at least ones that are pointing out the liberal nature of professors.

Fox News reporter Jesse Watters asked students at Cornell a variety of questions including whether they realized that 96% of the faculty’s political contributions went to Democrats.

So, Watters got kicked off of campus without any reason being given. The statement that Cornell’s media relations representative sent to him did not address why he was not allowed to interview students. The statement did say that Cornell “does not consider a person’s stance in its hiring practices.” Oh really???

It’s clear that the media and academia are bastions for liberalism. What’s peculiar is that these entities seem like they want that fact kept secret.

Cornell’s faculty is right in line with the rest of the academic world when it comes to leaning to the left. As reported by The Washington Times, almost “100% of 2016 presidential political donations made by top liberal arts professors went to Democratic candidates.”

Forty-seven professors at the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the country, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, have given to presidential campaigns, according to donations recorded in the third quarter by the Federal Election Commission and aggregated by Campus Reform, a conservative watchdog of higher education.

Of those 47 professors, Hamilton College History Professor Robert Paquette was the only one to give to a Republican — donating $150 to Carly Fiorina’s campaign.

So, can this trend be changed? Not when the liberals run the show. As Paul Caron points out in the TaxProf Blog, the liberal professors just have a different way of looking at things:

“I think many mainstream Republicans have views that are anti-intellectual and anti-science,” Richard Bensel, government, said. “There are candidates who are creationists, don’t believe in climate change and claim that Obama’s a Muslim. Ted Cruz, for example, should not teach here.” …

Prof. Andrew Little, government, said that while it would be “nice to have more balance,” he would not advocate compromising the quality of Cornell’s professors, which he suggests would be the effect of seeking out Republican faculty.

As long as academia is dominated by liberals, we can all say goodbye to freedom of speech and expression. Those values are no longer tolerated. Tolerance extends only to those who share the left’s viewpoints. Disagree and tolerance and acceptance are not extended to you. That’s some definition of tolerance, eh?


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