The federal government is pouring millions of dollars into a United Nations agency that helps pregnant women in Third World countries but a UN watchdog group says abortions are now being funded by U.S. dollars for the first time ever.

The U.S. State Department is pumping $5 million to UNFPA Supplies Partnership. That marks the first time this country has provided funding for the United Nations division that says it gives “life-saving” maternal health supplies around the world.

Rebecca Oas of C-FAM says it is true Partnership uses donor contributions to purchase and distribute contraceptives and maternal health supplies, which is where the problem lies with the pro-lifers at C-FAM.

“If you look at their list of what they distribute under the heading of maternal health supplies,” she says, “it also includes drugs and devices that are used for abortion.”

One of the items that is purchased and shipped is a manual vacuum aspirator, which is used to perform first-trimester abortions through a suction device.

Oas tells American Family News that can be a dangerous device for an abortion procedure, especially in a Third World country. Dangerous abortion drugs are given, too.

“Even more importantly, if they’re used for abortion, that isn’t maternal health,” Oas complains. “And it’s not something that’s meant to help mothers deliver their babies safely.”


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