The governor of Georgia says he is setting the record straight about new election laws in his state after President Joe Biden condemned them last week, and now liberal media outlets are siding with the GOP governor over the Democrat in the White House.

At his press conference last week, President Biden claimed passage of the Election Integrity Act is “un-American” and “sick” because the law, he said, bans voters standing in line from getting water and food, and it cuts off voting hours at the poll precincts, which harms voters who head to the polls after work.

Undeterred by those claims, Georgia’s state lawmakers passed the bill in the Senate that same day, and it was signed hours later by Gov. Brian Kemp.

“Georgia Gov. Kemp signs GOP election bill amid an outcry,” reads an Associated Press headline after the signing.

However, the president’s claim that Republican lawmakers cut the hours earned him a “Four Pinocchios” fact-check from the liberal Washington Post. Georgia’s polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day, the newspaper said, and the new law does not change that.

Instead, a National Review story points out, the new law mandates hours for early-voting in the state from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Counties can expand those times to a full 12-hour day, too, and the new law added Saturday voting.

According to the Post, Biden “managed to turn that expansion into a restriction,” and the liberal newspaper was left asking who at the White House had misinformed Biden when the facts proved opposite of his claims.

The fact is that Republican lawmakers and Democrats hold vastly different views on voting restrictions, such as requiring voter ID and restricting absentee ballots. Republicans say they are ensuring Election Day remains a fair and honest process but Democrats routinely call such restrictions Jim Crow-like and “voter suppression,” which mirrors the Left’s view that Republicans are racists who hate minorities.

Regarding the claim that Georgia lawmakers are allowing voters to go thirsty in line, Gov. Kemp told the “Washington Watch” radio program that Georgia voters can receive a free bottle of water from a poll worker, or from a water station, on Election Day.

“But, no, we’re not going to allow [Biden], or me, or any other candidate or third-party groups, to hand out favors to voters while they’re standing in line,” he said.

The new state law views handing out free food and water to voters as vote buying by candidates or by their supporter, and that is prohibited 150 feet from the polling location along with handing out campaign materials, money, and gifts.

Media watchdog Media Research Center points out in an online story that Politifact, the fact-checking website, admitted in its own story about the Georgia law that food and water are often handed out by left-wing groups near voting precincts. Politifact states:

Voting rights advocates routinely organize food and water distribution near voting sites where residents sometimes have to wait in line for hours to vote, often in nonwhite communities, where polling places are more crowded. Some of the larger events are organized by those with ties to the left, although they make the food and water available to anyone.

In the radio interview, Gov. Kemp said the new law strengthens voter ID requirements for mailed-in absentee ballots and requires poll workers to tabulate ballots until all votes have been counted. Both of those issues surfaced after the presidential election.

The new law also expands early-voting access, including on weekends, he pointed out.

Gov. Kemp summarized the law by stating it makes it “easy to vote” in Georgia but “hard to cheat.”

Mirroring the day-versus-night view of election restrictions, a weekend Twitter post from CNN described the Georgia law as “restricting voting rights” in the state.

Kyle Drennen of the Media Research Center noticed that description, too. He tells One News Now he also watched CNN describe the controversial HR 1 bill in Congress as a “voting rights bill” when, in reality, it would strip away state-level voting laws, ending input from state legislatures, and gives that election power solely to the U.S. Congress.

“That’s ‘democracy reform’ according to the press,” Drennen says of CNN’s claims. “But what’s happening in Georgia is Jim Crow 2.0 voter suppression.”


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