What an interesting week. Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Republicans of being racists, but guess who actually got censured for real racist comments? Perhaps a Democrat? Yep, that’s right. A Maryland Democrat said a majority-black region of her state was a ‘n***** district.’ Also, more Division II women’s track records are falling… by a man. We’ll look at the results, plus more.

Another Democrat is in trouble for racist actions, and it’s just amazing that despite their rhetoric that Donald Trump is a racist or all conservatives are racists, the party leading the way in the tally of actual racism is the Democrats.

As reported by the Washington Post, Democrat Maryland House Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti was heard telling a white colleague that when he helped campaign last fall in Prince George’s County, he was door-knocking in a “n***** district.”

The outrage led to the Marland House voting 137-0 to censure Lisanti. But guess what? She has no plans to resign. Just like Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam who admitted to wearing blackface decades ago, Lisanti plans to stay in office. It appears the resignation rules don’t apply to Democrats.

Also in today’s show, a man who was competing in NCAA Division II track decided to compete as a woman this year, and he’s wiping up on the field. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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