The fallout from the Gillette ad continues. The reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, not just from consumers and those who see this as a blatant attack on men, but also from people who know advertising.

In a recent column at, Villanova professor Charles Taylor dove into the reasons why the Gillette ad failed. Namely, for the following reasons:

1. While corporate social responsibility appeals can be effective, corporations must be sensitive to the potential of consumers being skeptical of their motives, or not wanting to be told how to behave by a profit-motivated company.

2. The creative in the “Best a Man Can Be” could be more effective if delivered differently.

3. Politically charged language should be avoided by advertisers.

Number 3 seems quite obvious, and I dive into these reasons in depth on my show. Check out the discussion below.

The next topic on the show was Trump’s “travel ban” on Nancy Pelosi. Following her State of the Union disinvitation, Trump fired back by blocking her and her congressional delegation from using military aircraft to fly overseas. It was a bold move, and not everyone thinks it’s a good move. What do you think? Please leave a comment below and post on YouTube as well.

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