The bipartisan committee on border security has come up with a deal for President Trump just days before the next government shutdown. But should he sign it? Is it a good deal? Let’s dive into the details…

So, after weeks of negotiations, here is what the 17-member bipartisan committee came up wtih:

* $1.375 billion for physical barriers
* 55 miles of new fencing
* Border Patrol may use any current design but not concrete wall
* Number of ICE detention beds is maintained at current level
* No cap on detention beds, thus more funds could be used later for more beds
* $1.7 billion increase in overall DHS spending for technology, ports of entry security, customs officers, and humanitarian aid

Sean Hannity has called it a bad bill. So has Ann Coulter. Rush Limbaugh think it’s good. Here’s what the president should do:

Forget the Republican rhetoric of this being a “down payment.” It’s a bad deal. But it’s a congressional deal, and Trump has already set his terms with the American people. If he can move the Democrats from $0 to $1.375 billion, then take it and fund the rest through other channels. Sign the bill, but reject their “deal.”

What do you think he should do?

Also, in today’s show, I talk about a student journalist who wrote a piece for Student Life at Washington University in St. Louis. The title of the article is “It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome.” Yes, that’s right. It’s a whole article on why conservative opinion doesn’t matter, if conservatives on campus are treated poorly.

It just shows how far our higher education system has fallen. These millennials are the ones who favor socialism over capitalism. It’s just insane!

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