CNN’s feelings are hurt, and network hosts are demanding an apology from GOP Sen. Martha McSally for “disgusting and awful” comments. Nancy Pelosi doled out souvenir pens like candy following her signing of the articles of impeachment, and Ilhan Omar thinks that no illegal immigrant should ever be detained. All that and more on today’s show!

CNN’s Capitol reporter Manu Raju was called a “liberal hack” by GOP Sen. Martha McSally, and based on CNN’s reaction, you’d think that the world was about to end. Scores of CNN talking heads took to the airwaves to call the incident “disgusting” and “wrong” and on and on. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wants an apology.

Nancy Pelosi has made a mockery of the impeachment process, and that continued this week with her “pen party.” Acting like the president, Pelosi gave out souvenir pens following her delayed signing of the articles of impeachment.

Ilhan Omar says that no illegal immigrant should be detained… ever. That’s just music to people’s ears who deal in drugs, gangs, and human trafficking. Great move, Omar!

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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