Calls are mounting for President Joe Biden to hold a press conference where he answers reporters’ questions that aren’t pre-scripted.

It’s been weeks – and it’s anyone’s guess as to when the nation’s chief executive will do a press conference.

“They have to do a press conference at some point,” former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday on Fox & Friends. “Jen Psaki [the current White House press secretary] has said they will. And the pressure is mounting when you have folks, even CNN reporters, pointing out how aberrational this is.”

According to media outlets, President Biden hasn’t held a press conference since taking office 44 days ago. Fox News compares that to his three predecessors: Donald Trump took 28 days; Barack Obama waited 21 days; and George W. Bush took 34 days.

Dan Gainor, vice president of Media Research Center, believes the Biden administration will wait until it has a win under the president’s belt.

“That will likely be this $1.9 trillion so-called ‘relief’ bill,” Gainor predicts. “And [then] he’ll be able to go out there [before the press] and it wouldn’t be tough for him to spin every question right back to that – like, ‘Oh, I’m just here to talk about this.'”

The MRC spokesman has a theory why Biden hasn’t done a press conference: the administration wants to avoid mishaps.

“Questions results in answers – and answers result in things they have to deal with,” Gainor explains. “The less they say, the better. And it allows them to create this false façade of him being this moderate, feel-good, just-want-to-have-everybody-nice-and-calm [presidency] where he goes and rams through tons of leftist policies, but nobody freaks out because he is not giving mean tweets.”

In a similar vein, political satirist Tim Young tells Fox News: “I think his people keep him away from the media because they’re afraid he might trail off or have difficulty answering basic questions.”

Young also suggests that, by the media’s own standards, Biden must be guilty of something.

“We were told repeatedly by the left when President Trump didn’t hold press conferences that he was derelict of duty and avoiding them because he was clearly guilty of something,” the satirist adds. “So, playing by the left and the corporate media’s own established rules, I guess Biden has committed multiple crimes and should no longer be president.”


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