Since he took office nearly two months ago, Joe Biden has failed to address the public regarding any of the issues facing our country, most specifically the crisis at the border.

Even his press secretary, Jen Psaki, skirts around the topic, refusing to confirm reports that the number of detained unaccompanied minors at the border has tripled since Biden took office.

“I’m not going to confirm numbers from here,” Psaki said during the White House press briefing. “Obviously, the Department of Homeland Security and others are overseeing the programs and engagements that happen at the border.”

That doesn’t answer the question, Jen. How many kids is Biden keeping in the cages that he and Obama built?

She was repeatedly questioned about the number of minors in custody as reporters noted that the numbers had tripled in just two weeks to over 3,200 – more children held in custody at a single time than during President Donald Trump’s presidency, Breitbart reports.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were quick to hop on the bandwagon of condemning the cages during the 2020 presidential campaign, accusing President Trump of putting “babies in cages.”

But now they’re doing it on a much larger scale.

“Jen, why won’t you confirm that number?,” one reporter asked. “That’s a very important number.”

Psaki continuously referred reporters to the Department of Homeland Security.

“I would encourage you to go back to them and ask them again,” Psaki replied. “We’re not going to confirm them from the White House. It’s not our program.”

Though it may not specifically be the White House’s “program,” it’s happening because Biden essentially made crossing the border a free-for-all.

Instead of putting America first, Biden is putting America last through his ultra-lenient immigration policies, particularly reinstating “catch and release.”

A little over a month ago, amid an explosive surge in illegal immigration and a global pandemic, Biden ordered Customs and Border Protection to literally catch and release migrants, a policy which Trump ended during his own administration.

The order raised concerns that the new “come one, come all” approach would trigger an even higher influx of migrants that would ultimately overwhelm the agency’s limited detention capacity.

It did, indeed, cause a massive influx, but don’t worry about the lack of space; Biden opened another tent facility to alleviate the pressure.

Florida has had enough.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced on Tuesday that she is taking legal action against the Biden Administration over the release of criminal aliens.

Moody said Biden’s “egregious” immigration policies violate federal law and put Americans in danger.

“You know I’ve been speaking for weeks now and alerting Americans to the fact that this administration is thumbing its nose to its responsibilities under federal law. It is required to deport criminal aliens that are here illegally and it is just saying we’re not going to do it anymore,” Moody said during a Fox News interview.

“First, they canceled Operation Talon, which targeted sex offenders here in the United States illegally and now they’ve released guidance, which is basically releasing into our streets, serious criminal offenders. They’re canceling retainers and requiring our law enforcement leaders to release them back into our state. And this includes heroin traffickers, people that are breaking into homes – you know use of a firearm with some of these felonies,” she added.

“I mean it is unbelievable, the folks that aren’t law enforcement leaders are required to release. My frustration has boiled over and we’re going to hold them accountable in federal court,” she said.

Now it’s time for other states to follow suit. Maybe then the Biden administration will stop playing politics with the lives of Americans.

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