How many more cases will we see of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stupidity, before someone realizes that common sense can go a long way? We’ve seen reports of nuns getting patted down, an elderly woman in a wheel chair being forced to remove her adult diaper. Now, we have an incident in Kansas in which a 4-year-old girl was left shaken and crying after being accused of carrying a gun through security.

As reported by the Daily Mail, 4-year-old Isabella hugged her grandmother while waiting in the security line. Isabella was then “accused of having a gun and declared a ‘high security threat’, while agents threatened to shut down the whole airport if she could not be calmed down.”

Michelle Brademeyer, the child’s mother, recalled the entire incident on Facebook, as documented in a Ravalli Republic news story:

Brademeyer’s mother had triggered an alarm and was awaiting a pat-down when Isabella ran to her. That’s when Transportation Security Administration officers told Brademeyer her mother could have passed something to her daughter during that brief encounter.

“They said (to Isabella), ‘You need to sit down right now!’ and they told me, ‘She made contact!’ ” Brademeyer said Tuesday afternoon.

In her Facebook note, she wrote, “When they spoke to her, it was devoid of any sort of compassion, kindness or respect. They told her she had to come to them, alone, and spread her arms and legs. She screamed, ‘No! I don’t want to!’ then did what any frightened young child might, she ran in the opposite direction.

“That is when a TSO told me they would shut down the entire airport, cancel all flights, if my daughter was not restrained. It was then they declared my daughter ‘a high-security threat,’ ” she wrote.

And it was then that Brademeyer disobeyed orders and went after her screaming child and picked her up.

“The TSOs were not pleased,” she wrote.

As Brademeyer states, the TSA agents then started talking about guns, and “one of the officers repeatedly told Brademeyer that she’d seen guns together with teddy bears.”

Come on people! Does the application for a TSA screener also include a maximum IQ level that can’t be exceeded? With incident after incident, it certainly seems that way.

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