MSNBC is at it again. Make no mistake. This is NOT a legitimate news service. In their zeal to get Barack Obama reelected, they will stoop to anything including making up news stories. They’ve done it to make Mitt Romney look out of touch, and, in this latest incident, they attempt to make him look less popular than running mate Paul Ryan.

Back in June, I wrote about MSNBC altering a clip from Romney at a rally. The whole idea of MSNBC’s pro-Obama agenda was to use the news piece to make Mitt Romney appear out of touch with the “average” American. As it turns out, Romney was extolling advances in technology, but you would never know that from their “news” report.

Now, they’ve done it again. Watch this video. It starts out with the MSNBC report. Note that they added “Ryan… Ryan” to their footage and drowned out the people’s actual voices. Their claim? That Romney had to insert his name so that he didn’t feel left out. Wrong!

As you can see, Romney was adding RYAN’S name to the chant, not inserting his own. It’s simply pathetic what MSNBC is doing. Yet they do it over and over again.

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